Wednesday 29 November 2023
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Why Radiant Floor Heating is a Good Choice for Home Heating

Why Radiant Floor Heating is a Good Choice for Home Heating

A lot of property owners consider radiant heating systems to ensure the comfort of their home during the cold months. And one way to keep a room warm is to use this heating system on floors. Although thermopompe Gree is increasingly becoming a system of choice, radiant floor heating is gaining traction in the industry. Here are the benefits of this type of home heating.

It offers Thermal Comfort

A home equipped with a radiant heat system has an interior environment which is highly favorable to the thermal comfort of humans. Unlike a lot of other systems which directly heat the air, radiant floor heating warms the air and the surfaces of a room’s objects in a gentle way. A warm surface will considerably decrease the heat loss rate from the occupants, letting the majority to feel comfortable at room temperatures that are 3-4 degrees lower than with other heating methods.

At floor level, the air temperature tends to be slightly higher than the average temperature of a room. This minimizes the heat loss rate from the legs and feet. Air temperature many feet above the floor starts to reduce. Typically, the lowest air temperature takes place below the ceiling.

It is Durable and Lasts Long

A radiant floor heating system that is a concrete slab type is almost as indestructible as the slab. Homeowners use this for heating their garage, recreation room and basement. The concrete slab must always be insulated from the earth.

It Operates Quietly

Radiant heat systems deliver heat without noise. As long as they are properly designed, the systems should always be an epitome of silence. The boiler’s oil burner or gas is usually the only component which makes a detectable noise. Also, they are often found in the mechanical room located away from the occupied rooms.

It Reduces Fuel Consumption

A radiant heat system can significantly reduce energy consumption when compared to other forms of heating in homes. The savings are enjoyed because of the system’s ability to sustain comfort at lower air temperatures inside the property. Also, this may have to do with the non-pressurization of rooms and ability to operate with lower water temperatures.

It Is Clean

A lot of homeowners complain about the tendency of forced air heating to distribute odors, dust and germs throughout a home. However, radiant floor heating circulates air gently across a room. Many people with allergies can greatly benefit from this feature.

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