Wednesday 29 November 2023
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What’s Concrete raising? Find the relevant facts here!

What’s Concrete raising? Find the relevant facts here!

A number of factors, including soil shifting, can cause damage to concrete slabs. Sunken or cracked concrete slabs can cause accidents, and more than anything else, such damages can affect the value of your property. Concrete raising is a careful process of lifting and leveling concrete slabs. There are two different techniques that are used for the process. Read on to find the relevant aspects that matter in concrete raising.

The options

  • Traditionally, mudjacking was used for concrete leveling. The process starts with evaluating the condition of the concrete slabs, after which holes are drilled on the surface of the concrete. A slurry consisting of sand, water, and Portland cement is then poured underneath the concrete slab, which causes the slabs to rise. While mudjacking is effective, it is not the ideal solution for every requirement. The slurry is heavy, so it can exert additional pressure on the ground underneath. The downtime of the repair work is also high.

  • These days polyurethane concrete raising technique is preferred for the job. The process is fairly similar, except that a polyurethane foam material is injected instead of the mud slurry. The foam material expands underneath the surface of the slab, causing it to rise. There is no downtime involved, and the area can be used soon after. The holes drilled for polyurethane concrete raising are much smaller and limited in number. The only issue is the pricing. Expect to pay five times more than mudjacking if you choose polyurethane concrete raising. However, in the long run, the investment eventually pays off.

Finding a contractor

There are many contractors who deal in concrete raising Houston, but before you hire one, consider the basic aspects. Is the company licensed and insured? How long they have been in business? Will they offer local client references on request? Also, the initial inspection should be done for free, and an estimate should be offered in advance. While polyurethane concrete raising is expensive than mudjacking, it is considered to be a better option for residential and commercial concrete repair needs. Talk to the contractor about both choices to understand the pros and cons in detail. For extensive jobs, you can always ask for a discount.

To find the best contractors in business, check online or ask around for references. Don’t shy away from asking questions, and make sure that the company has its own team of foundation and concrete repair experts.

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