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What to Look for at Open Houses in St. Matthews, Louisville, Kentucky

What to Look for at Open Houses in St. Matthews, Louisville, Kentucky

St. Matthews is a suburb of Louisville, Kentucky. It is unusual for completely surrounding two smaller enclaves: Richlawn and Nobourne Estates. However, St. Matthews is well inside the boundaries of the Louisville metro area. The area is rapidly growing because of its easy access to Highway 42 and Loop 264. But what should you look for in a St. Matthews home? Here’s what to look for at open houses in St. Matthews, Louisville, Kentucky.

The Structure

An open house is an opportunity to walk around the home. While your personal observations are not as effective as a formal house inspection, you might spot issues that warrant further inspection or disqualify the house from further consideration. Look for signs of carped baseboards and stained floors. This could indicate flooding and water damage. Stains on the ceiling suggest a leaking roof. If the water damage is accompanied by a musty smell, you probably don’t want the house. Open up the cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom to look for water damage and mold.

Don’t be afraid to look at what they may be hiding. For example, awkwardly placed rugs may hide stains on the floor or damage to wood floors. A stack of boxes against a back wall may be intended to hide cracks in the wall. But it is almost impossible to hide cracks in the ceiling unless they repainted. If they repainted just the ceilings or one room, that is a potential red flag and a reason to inspect it closer with a professional if you like the house. Walk around the outside of the house to see if there are cracks in the exterior walls or the foundation.

Deferred Maintenance

Most houses have a few things that need to be done. Air filters need to be replaced. Refrigerators may need more refrigerant. But a house on display should be in the best possible condition. That’s why we expect a clean home and neatly cut grass when we arrive at a house for sale. If there are other signs of neglect or deferred maintenance, that’s a major red flag. This could be anything from rusty fixtures to appliances that sound like they’re about to fall apart. Peeling and chipping paint is a potential concern, whereas any rotting wood and bubbling paint are red flags. Things like broken windows and ripped window screens suggest that they haven’t been taking good care of the house, either.

Quality of Life Issues

When you attend open houses in St Matthews Louisville KY, pay attention to quality-of-life issues you’ll face, whether living in that home or in that neighborhood. How much storage space does the house have relative to your needs? How much privacy do you have? You may not want the neighbors able to see into your living room from theirs. Some people want tall privacy fences and hedges. Follow the natural flow of the house. How easy is it to go from the oven to the refrigerator to the sink? How easy is it to go from the living room to the bathroom to the bedroom?

While you’re at it, assess the ambiance. How much natural light do the major rooms get? And are you going to be hit with headlights from the street? Is that highway that gives you an easy commute to work going to result in traffic noise that makes it hard to sleep?

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