Wednesday 29 November 2023
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What is the Difference between Burglary and Robbery? And what does it entail for the Victims?

What is the Difference between Burglary and Robbery? And what does it entail for the Victims?

Burglary is deemed a property crime and robbery is a violent crime that is committed against a person. According to the FBI, burglary is an unlawful, forcible entry or attempted entry in a structure with an intention of committing a theft or a felony. In other words, if someone enters a building without your permission and with an intention to commit a crime, then this is referred to as burglary.

According to the FBI, robbery is attempting to taking anything valuable and/or by subjecting the victim to fear. In other words, if a person takes or is attempting to take something from someone else and has acted violently towards the victim, in order to scare them, this is referred to as a robbery.

What does burglary entail?

  1. Unlawful entry occurs

If someone enters a private building without permission, then this is referred to as burglary.

  1. Forcible entry occurs

Any kind of action taken to enter a private building except walking in via an open door, or climbing in via an open window is deemed a forcible entry.

  1. People or property could be inside the structure

This doesn’t necessarily have to be a house or any other type of house. It can be any kind of structure that shelters people or property.

What does robbery entail?

  1. Taking or attempting to take property

No matter if the robber fails or succeeds in attempting the theft, it will still be deemed as robbery.

  1. Taking anything of value (including non-monetary value as well)

Monetary value helps in determining the nature of the offence. But the stolen items don’t necessarily have to worth money.

  1. Property is taken from its owner or another’s care

The property doesn’t have to necessarily be owned by the victim. For instance, when a robber breaks into a deposit box, it is deemed robbery. The contents in the box belong to the owner but it is in the bank’s custody that holds the box. Likewise, a victim doesn’t have to own the item.

  1. Property must be taken from a person

A robbery is not committed unless and until the object is taken from someone. If the robber breaks into a home and commits a theft, but there is nobody home, it is not a robbery, but a burglary.

These types of theft can be avoided by taking proper security measures. Installing home security cameras are really helpful in that case.

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