Wednesday 29 November 2023
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What are the Myths Associated with House Cleaning? Let’s Debunk them with some Facts

What are the Myths Associated with House Cleaning? Let’s Debunk them with some Facts

Many homeowners never believe in using the best practices suggest by Master Green Cleaning Services when it comes to cleaning their abode. Most people are dependent on what they were taught or what they learn from the internet. Home remedies might come in handy for a few cases, but not all the time. Many times, the home remedy solution posted on the Internet may create some mayhem instead of helping us solve the problems.

Here are some of the cleaning myths.

  1. Vinegar can be used to clean everything.

Vinegar is deemed a green cleaning agent and used for cleaning purposes. It doesn’t only disinfects and gets rid of the stains but also gets rid of the bad odors. One con of using vinegar is that it is acidic in nature and hence erodes the metallic surfaces. When hard surfaces like waxed surfaces and marble are cleaned by vinegar, they get damaged.

  1. Using more soap and cleaning agents makes the house cleaner.

This is downright untrue. By using more bleach, detergent or soap, you are just decreasing the quality of the surface. When you are using too much of soap, a residue is left behind. Then it is likely to attract dirt and bacteria to it. Hence it is essential to be economical with the cleaning detergents as it is more efficient in nature and effective as well when it is compared to the overuse of detergent.

  1. The green cleaning products are not poisonous and not toxic

The green cleaning products are composed of renewable resources. This makes most of these products as biodegradable and non-toxic. But, not all green products are non-toxic. Most of them have labels that say they are eco-friendly. This is not true in many cases. Hence, it is suggested to consult a professional company called Master Green Cleaning services to know the effective cleaning method.

  1. The best way of cleaning your windows is by using newspapers.

You can use newspapers to clean your windows as it tends to dissolve in water. But it also leaves stains on your window pane. The wooden areas surrounding the windows will be also left with streaks. Hence you should always use a microfiber cloth or a squeegee in order to clean your windows rather than using newspapers. It is economical as well as effective.

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