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Tips for Selecting Right Quality of Deck Lumber

Tips for Selecting Right Quality of Deck Lumber

During nice weather, you can gather along with your family or friends on the deck at the backyard of your house. Deck can be a very good addition to any home, where you can relax after a tiring day of work or can decide to cook your food and enjoy eating them. Therefore, you need to choose right quality of lumber to build your deck.

In this article, we shall provide few tips to get right kind of deck lumber for implementing your project.

  1. Select right variety of lumber

Usually, for this kind of project most people prefer to choose pressure treated yellow pine for the deck material. This type of lumber is easily available as well as it does not cost too much. Also, various chemicals are used to treat these lumbers so that it does not get damaged due to moisture, insects or fungal decay. As compared to the other material, it is much easier to work with. However, the life of this material is about 15 years.

The other alternate to this material is redwood and cedar which also has necessary quality as a deck and can survive for 20 years. However, these materials are too costly as compared to pressure treated lumber as mentioned above.

Hardwood can also be another option that also suits perfectly well as deck material and can last for 25 years. However, this too is very expensive option.

Composite deck lumber can survive for 25 years and quite suitable for such application. Therefore, depending upon your budget you can select the deck lumber.

  1. Choose quality lumber

While choosing your lumber for your deck, it is necessary to check the quality of material very thoroughly. As a matter of fact, you must check individual piece of lumber and check for their warping, splitting or twisting. You can also look for spots. Reject any lumber where you can find any visual defect. Since, your deck is going to be an interesting part of your house, you need to check the quality of material very thoroughly.

  1. Make proper size of the lumber

Before you buy the material, you must be ready with the design and decide the size of each lumber so that it becomes easy to build the deck. Therefore, get the lumber cut according to your size requirement and do the numbering so that it can be easily identified where it is going to be placed while constructing the deck.

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