Wednesday 29 November 2023
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The Studio: When the Home Meets the Office

The Studio: When the Home Meets the Office

Studio apartments are for the young and the restless, with everything fitted into one room. Although it is not explicitly written, studio apartments often become the base of both your personal and work life. It might have something to do with the lack of barriers or perhaps the general demographic of those who live in studio apartments—the space in media is depicted either as a hovel or a miniature workplace.

Tall windows, luxury vinyl flooring, and clean white walls look like a new slate for a new life. So how does such a small space become a meeting place for these two environments?

The comforts of home

The comforts of home are the furniture that allows you to unwind: the bed, the couch, and all the cushions are things we never really find in the cubicle. They represent your chance to sit back and relax. The home can be many things, but in its many forms, a home is always a sanctuary. And individuals always have power over their sanctuary. Vinyl flooring instead of rough carpet and rugs instead of tile, you can make all the changes you want to be comfortable.

It also has clear markers about what you love. This goes back to the idea of the sanctuary. Picture frames, colourful patterns, and art provide instant access to things you like. In the city, the studio apartment becomes the one place that has all the direct links to your idea of a home without ever needing to go anywhere. It keeps you grounded and reminds you of who you are.

The efficiency of the office

But while the studio has all of this, there is a part that is colder and less “you”. There is always some form of work that bleeds into the comfort of home. A stack of papers on the dining table for that test, a laptop set up on the bed, and maybe office supplies strewn on the bedside table remind you that while the apartment is your sanctuary—you have a life outside. One that demands your attention and follows you home. It reminds you of your responsibilities and as ugly as that may seem, it is something you need to keep in mind constantly. You could be a student or a fulltime worker—the office comes in many shapes and forms as well.

The indulgence in both

It might seem like you need to separate the two, but you don’t. That’s what makes the studio apartment interesting and special. It is shaped according to your needs and lifestyle. If you are a go-getter, a career-centred individual then the stack of books in the bathroom and the papers under the bed don’t bother you. If you are an artist, then the paint stains and the dirty water right beside your coffee cup are fine.

The spaces bleed into each other because you allow it and you want it to happen.


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