Friday 14 June 2024
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The Calming Space: 5 Top Tips For Keeping Your Bathroom Stress-Free

The Calming Space: 5 Top Tips For Keeping Your Bathroom Stress-Free

The bathroom should be a place where we feel calm and content. But a space that is cluttered, messy and unkempt only makes us feel stressed and agitated. Given that the humble lavatory is often one of the smaller rooms in the home, it can become incredibly stuffy if kept unorganised.

This is why we have to put together a few pieces of advice for ensuring the floor is clean, it feels more spacious and you have the right bathroom products to keep this space clean and inviting:

  • Invest in hooks

Hooks are seriously your bathroom’s best mate. Why? Because one of the most frustrating things about this room is having no space to hang clothes when you’re trying to get ready!

Think about it: when you’re trying to quickly shower and get dressed for an important meeting, the last thing you want is for your formal attire to be drooping off a dirty, wet vanity – it will spoil the outfit and defeat the purpose of having gone to wear it in the first place.

Instead, quality hooks are a great way to not only hang your clothes, but also your bathrobe and any other pieces like towels that you don’t want lying around the floor.

  • The humble hamper

The hamper has long been one of the most important accessories for this space. Because when we get lazy the first thing we do is chuck all our dirty washing on the floor, and this dirty washing then goes a long way to taking up vital space and making the room feel incredibly poky.

We can do without this stress, and so one of the best things we can install in this space is a hamper to throw all our dirty clothes in. Seriously, you will never have to worry about clothes going all over the floor again – it’s a great investment!

  • Quality accessories

Accessories are made to keep the room from getting dirty. The washroom is a place that is highly susceptible to all kinds of gunk, especially caused by soap, toothpaste and hand wash getting all over the vanity!

By investing in a few handy appendages: soap dish, hand wash dispenser, toothpaste/toothbrush holder etc. you will be able to neatly organise your vanity space without running the risk of getting muck all over the place…

  • Install a glass shower screen

One of the most important ways to make the bathroom more calming is to invest in a clear glass shower screen. Why? Because see-through screens give the room that extra feeling of space that is so important when we’re trying to get ready with a sense of calm and ease.

Old, manky shower curtains feel gross on the skin as well as cut right through an already-small space. Clear screens, however, give the illusion of the space being extended which, in turn, is incredibly calming when you’re trying to get ready for an important occasion.

  • Use clear/labelled containers

A messy bathroom is a real pain. This is especially so when all your extra accessories are strewn all over the vanity. Instead, why not invest in a few small, clear containers, filling them with the same product before labelling the containers with said product?

This way, you’ll know the exact location of your nail file, razor, cotton buds etc. without having to scour the vanity cupboards every time you need to use them!

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