Friday 14 June 2024
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Six Beautiful Flowering Buds that Will Add Colour to Your Outdoor Space in Spring

Six Beautiful Flowering Buds that Will Add Colour to Your Outdoor Space in Spring

The flowers in the garden can easily lift your spirit. That is why you want to plant flowering bulbs in the spring. These spring bulbs can end the dark winter days and bring colour to your garden. But, it is important to know when to grow them to ensure a great display, websites like will offer great knowledge about it. Plant your spring flowering bulbs, tubers, and corms before the coldest winter weather sets in. They can be planted in containers or into borders. The following are your bulb options:


These cherry spring bulbs have delicate trumpeted blooms and bright colours. Nothing can beat the traditional golden daffodils; however, you can also opt for the pink and frilly or scented daffodils if you want something different.


These are probably the easiest flower to grow from seeds. Marigolds burst with orange and yellow carnation-shaped blooms amid fern-like leaves. They are known for their ability to repel insects, which makes them a great addition to the patio in containers. When planting marigolds, make sure you don’t use fertilizer as this can inhibit flower growth in favor of leaf-growth.


Sunflowers attract bees and birds, so you need to cover the seeds with transparent netting to keep the birds from snacking. Some of them can grow more than 16 feet in height. Make sure to grow sunflower directly in the garden. You can also grow smaller varieties for smaller gardens and containers. Sow the big seeds an inch in depth and six inches apart. Then, add a light application of fertilizer after planting, so they don’t blow over in the wind while growing.


Tulip is available in a lot of shapes and colurs, so it can be difficult to pick just a type of tulip bulb to grow. You can treat yourself to the brightly-coloured Everlasting Mix bred for long-lasting weather resistance. Tulp Caribbean Parrot will make a unique and tropical display.


Hyacinth is easy to grow and has a powerful fragrance and magnificent flowers. A lot of people grow it in pots on the windowsill, hyacinth can be grown outdoors in a sunny spot.

Morning Glories

These colourful climbers have slender steps, big, heart-shaped leaves, and trumpet-shaped flowers. They are available in blue, pink, purple, white, and red colours and attract butterflies and hummingbirds. To sow morning glory seeds, you must have some preparations. You must soak the seeds in water for one day or so until a tiny white growth emerges. Put the sprouted seed 6 inches apart and cover with a quarter inch or less of soil. Make sure to water thoroughly and the seedlings will emerge within 7-10 days.

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