Wednesday 29 November 2023
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Six Awesome Tips when Mowing your Lawn

Six Awesome Tips when Mowing your Lawn

Mowing the lawn is a job that must be done in the spring and summer. It is important to ensure the health of your lawn. Every cut encourages the thick growth of the grass providing an elegant look. When it comes to maintaining the look of your lawn the lawn cutting heights, mowing frequency and mower maintenance must be taken into account.  Below are some important tips when mowing your lawn.

Ensure your Mower is Perfectly in Shape

As the growing season begins, get your mower serviced to ensure its optimal function and ability to cut clean. If the blades are blunt or chipped, the grass will be bruised. To prevent clippings from building up, clean your lawnmower out. If you are looking to get a new mower and want to make an informed decision, check out reviews from

Decrease the Height of the Lawn

The lawn height must be reduced by just a third every time you mow it. This can maintain the health of the grass.

Give it Two Weeks Before you Lawn again in the Spring

In early spring, you don’t have to cut the grass frequently since it grows slowly during this time of the year. Consider cutting it every two weeks until the late spring when the weather tends to warm up. However, as the late spring and early summer starts, cutting the grass must be done every week or two times every week.

Maintain the Height of the Grass

The majority of lawn grass must be kept at 2.5cm to 4cm tall. Patches which tend to get used heavily used can be left 4cm to 5cm tall. Grass in shade can be left 7cm to 8cm tall. To achieve the right height, adjust the cutting height which fits the season and weather. When it is hot and dry, you can raise the blade to allow the grass to grow longer.

Take Advantage of Dry Days

Cutting the grass when the ground is sodden will leave the mower smearing and rutting the soil. Also, this can lead to the clumping of the wet grass clipping, smothering the lawn below. The best time to mow your lawn is when the soil and grass beneath is dry.

Use your Creativity

Lawn mowing is a chance to get creative with various stripes and heights. If you want to achieve a conventional striped finish, pick a mower that is equipped with a roller. To come up with a natural look, don’t mow a certain area.

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