Wednesday 29 November 2023
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Roof Lanterns Skylights Explained

Roof Lanterns Skylights Explained

When people are renovating their home, the same question often comes up: Roof lanterns or skylights? You’re probably wandering what the difference is?

Sky lights

Having skylights in your home can have a major effect to not only the energy efficiency, but also to the comfort. Skylights can be an addition in both your existing or new homes. Skylights are an excellent way of allowing natural light in, they can even allow as much as 3 times more light, as a vertical window of the same size. The light will be evenly distributed, making your visual comfort levels feel better than ever.

Skylights are shaped to be suitable for sloping or flat roofs. Skylights can also be known as roof lights or roof lanterns. They are more often than not, acrylic, single glazed units that are moulded. The acrylic can be clear or even tinted, sometimes they may be glass or polycarbonate.

Roof lanterns

Roof lanterns are a normally a classic style that will suit any properties and modern builds, roof lanterns are an affordable way of letting in light. The simplest way to identify a roof lantern is that most of them come made up of multiple window panes, that merge at the centre, letting the light in from 360 degrees.

The features of a roof lantern

  • They are made up of multiple window panes
  • They usually form a dome shape
  • They allow light entry from multiple angles


Skylights are normallyattached to a flat roof, in order to allow for more natural light to come into the room. Skylights are a neat and attractive addition to your home, that can help add life into duller areas of the home. Skylights are made up of a single pane of glass, they can have a large impact on your living space, but doesn’t create a unnaturalfeelto your property.

The features of a skylight

  • A single window pane,usually fitted to a flat roof
  • Skylights are designed to sit flush within theline of the roof
  • Ideal for loft conversions – no need to gain any planning permission

By having skylights in your home, you are sure to save money, your energy bills will be much lower. High quality skylights that are energy efficient play an important part of building today’s greenhomes. Skylights, androof lanterns reduce lighting costs and energy consumptions. If you have venting skylights installed In your home, it will minimise the need for air conditions and the need to purchase fans during the warmer months.

Nowadays, houses are being built closer to one another, and the balance of providing enough natural light and privacy has started to become a bit of an issue. More than 65percent of homebuyers now request to have light from above through skylights in their bathrooms/shower room, these are rooms where privacy and light is of high importance.

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