Friday 14 June 2024
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Mark Roemer Oakland Gives You Reasons to Make Shades A Part of Home of Your Dreams

Mark Roemer Oakland Gives You Reasons to Make Shades A Part of Home of Your Dreams


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, choosing colors for painting your home can be quite difficult. There’s always the fear of missing out on better options and coming up with the right combination is tricky. Either way, you should make shades a part of the home of your dreams, and here’s why.

The Details

  1. Make your room look smaller or bigger – When you choose colors for your home, painting rooms a certain shade may help you make them look smaller or bigger. It all depends on the color schemes and combinations. If you go with lighter hues like off-white, it can open up the space and make your room look much larger. On the other hand, bold and dark shades like dark gray make your large room look smaller and make it more intimate.
  1. Use existing furniture colors – If you can’t choose a color on your own, allow the furniture in the room to help you out. If you have light-colored furniture, you can make them stick out by painting your walls with bold colors. If the piece of furniture is too small compared to the wall, take advantage of the canvas by adding portraits or paintings with light-colored themes.

Similarly, if you have furniture stained with darker shades, you can make them stand out with lighter shades on the wall. You can also add other accent pieces and unify the overall color theme of the room. On the other hand, you can make an accent wall completely stand out from the furniture and the rest of the room decor.

  1. Allows your personality to shine – Shades also allow you to show your personality. For instance, if you have a calm personality, you can reflect that on the wall with a pastel shade. Contrary to that, people who are bolder can let it show with a dark red hue and other deep hues. If each room in the home is colored according to the personalities of the individual, then the colors may vary drastically in the same home. Apart from colors, you can also use textures, wallpapers, and decor to emphasize your personality.
  1. Mood – Different rooms carry different moods and call for a different ambiance. A nursery or bedroom has a completely different vibe compared to a living room. You can use different colors to create that mood and enhance it in each room. The psychology of room colors depends on a vast number of factors including age, ethnicity, gender, personality, and more. If you want to create a calm mood, you can use green. If you have a recreational room to get rid of anxiety and stress, color it with light shades of orange or yellow.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests that when you choose colors for your home you use the above-mentioned tips to come up with a great combination. If you make a mistake, you can always change the wallpaper or repaint the walls.

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