Wednesday 29 November 2023
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Winters make us crave the comfort and warmth of our homes even more. Simple things like walking around the home and sipping on our favourite warm drink can really spark joy. It can hardly be denied that we all love being cosy during winters. For that to be true, we need our homes to be warm. It doesn’t have to be too hot but cosy warm. How do you reach that temperature? The revolutionary floor heating systems have changed the way we warm up our rooms and homes. It is a radiant heating system which works to warm up our rooms making them more comfortable. We are here to tell you how this system can change how you have been experiencing winters.

Understanding floor heating systems

Floor heating systems are an efficient and cost-effective way to heat up a room. It does so through radiation and not through air circulation. The heating system is installed under the floor. There are two types of heating systems that you can choose from – electrical and HVAC. When you switch on the heating, the system begins to heat up. This heat is transferred to the floor. Once the floor is warm, the heat starts to rise and warms up all the things that are touching the floor and ultimately warming up the whole room. The floor is never too hot. The temperature is highly controlled, and it is always comfortably warm, at best.

As the system doesn’t make use of an air circulation system to heat up the room, there is no spread of allergens. It is an ideal option for those who suffer from respiratory disorders and babies. The heating system has been designed to provide the homeowners with much cleaner warm air. One of the problems with a traditional heating system is that they don’t heat up the room evenly. This problem is solved by the floor heating system. As the room is heated through radiation, it makes every corner of the room warm. Even if you are heating up a large room, there would be consistent heating without any cold patches.

Installing Radiant Heating system

Installation of this type of heating system can really change your life. It is a convenient and cost-effective way to heat up the home. The system uses very little energy, so it won’t impact the energy bill severely. It is highly recommended to get this type of heating system installed when you are undertaking construction or renovation of your home. It is so because the system has to be installed under the floor to be highly efficient. It can also be installed on a subfloor, walls or even the roof.

Reach out to the experts

Floor heating solutions are highly personalized. The kind of system to install is dependent on the area that you want to heat. It can also be installed in the bathroom. The experts at Heavenly heat will help you make an informed decision, about which heating solution would be ideal.

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