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How Asbestos Roof Encapsulation Works

How Asbestos Roof Encapsulation Works

Asbestos has been used by the construction industry for a range of applications that include insulation and fireproofing. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) said that asbestos materials that are in good condition can be used safely unless asbestos fire spreads through the air because of damages. The airborne particles present health risks being associated with cancer, mesothelioma and asbestosis. Fortunately, there are some solutions to deal with asbestos to protect your family and employees.

Asbestos Roof Encapsulation

Disposing of asbestos presents more problems than keeping it in its location. Sealing the material with a special coating is a safe solution for hazardous asbestos fibres. However, factors such as weather, age and climate may disturb asbestos fibres which could possibly result in the spread of the material, harming people who get in contact with it. However, this issue can be prevented through asbestos roof encapsulation.

An internal asbestos encapsulation system effectively traps asbestos fibres in a shell and seal them. This provides a lasting security for everyone. The system penetrates the asbestos surface and binds themselves to the roofing and cladding to form a protective layer. Encapsulation includes covering the asbestos using performance coating which:

  • Extends the material’s life.
  • Protects and repairs damaged asbestos as well as seals raw asbestos edges.
  • Minimizes fibre release
  • Enhances the material’s overall look
  • Provides protection against accidental scrapes and knocks.

Using the Right Asbestos Roof Sealant

Painting or coating the inside of an asbestos roof is not possible using ordinary paint. This is because the solution may start to flake and make harmful fibres cover the room. It’s important to use a specialised coating which will encapsulate asbestos fibres to ensure long-term roof security and protection for everyone. Fibre encapsulation prevents asbestos cement disturbances. A lot of contractors and employers prefer this solution to maintain their building and care for their people.

Roof Cooling

An external coating system offers the benefit of cooling the roof cavity down. With this, property owners will be able to save money air conditioning costs to cool their buildings. The coating’s reflective properties make this possible, causing significant surface temperature reduction.

Although a lot of people think of removing asbestos, this is not necessarily the most effective and safest solution. As long as asbestos is in good condition, asbestos encapsulation carried out by asbestos roof encapsulation specialists is a cost-effective and less hazardous approach to manage asbestos.

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