Sunday 21 July 2024
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Few Warning Signs to Notice for Immediate Repair of Central Air Conditioners

Usually most of the people can understand that there must be some problem with the AC if the air conditioner does not produce cool air. However, there will be a number of warnings from your AC that indicates a problem in the system. There are few maintenance activities that you need to perform before the summer season starts. In addition to that you must also try to notice the following warning signs and be pro-active.

  1. No cool airflow

Quite often you may observe that your AC is not at all delivering cool air which indicates certain problem with the compressor unit of the system. It can also be due to gas leakage in the compressor unit. You need to get your AC checked by any professional.

  1. Poor air flow

Quite often due to accumulation of debris there can be blockage in the air duct and as a result the air flow may become poor. Sometimes the air vents of your compressor unit may also malfunction and that may disturb air flow. Therefore, this problem needs immediate attention.

  1. Problem of thermostat

If the temperature setting at different places does not offer uniform cool air in all areas then the thermostat setting may be giving problem or the thermostat itself has gone faulty. If such a thing is observed then it is time to call a professional.

  1. Moisture seen where I should not

If you notice moisture around the AC or any kind of leakage then either your refrigerant is leaking which can be a cause of health problem to your family or it must be immediately repaired. The other possible cause can be that the drain tube meant for disposing of water might have got choked or broken. This is not a serious problem however it must be rectified.

  1. Strange sounds  

If you compare various AC models of Carrier vs Trane, there will be some differences in their sound. However, if the sound becomes too abnormal then it indicates some part inside the AC is vibrating or any belt must have slipped. This needs to be inspected and fixed immediately to prevent further damage.

  1. Strange smell

If the insulation of any cable is burned then you get certain strange smell. Also, quite often mold is formed in the AC that may create such foul smell. Whatever may be the reason it must be quickly fixed.

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