Friday 14 June 2024
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Everything You Wanted To Know About Bamboo Fabrics!

Everything You Wanted To Know About Bamboo Fabrics!

Sustainable fashion is not just a trend, but it’s more about being concerned for the environment and taking effective steps in this regard. Considering the consequences of fast fashion, people are now looking for healthier and more planet-friendly fabrics, and that’s where bamboo fits in. bamboo fabric consists of bamboo fiber or material that comes from bamboo plants, which is one of the fastest growing plants known to humans. Brands like Bamboo for Life have come up with beddings, sheets, duvets and more, and you can always buy clothing too. In this post, we take a look at what everyone needs to know about bamboo fabrics.

Why go for bamboo fabrics?

Harvesting bamboo fiber doesn’t cause as much damage to the environment as some of the other fabrics. This is environment friendly by all means, as bamboo can grow easily without the use of chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers. Not many people know that some species of bamboos can grow as much as 36 inches in a day, so the harvesting period is much lesser. Bamboo fabrics are known to be healthy choices because these are resistant to bacteria and dust mites. The material is also known to have micro-gaps, so it stays warm up to 2 degrees in the winters and the opposite in summers. Washing bamboo fabrics doesn’t require a lot of effort, and with basic care, you can expect the investment to last a lifetime.

The beauty of bamboo bedding, sheets and duvets

If you look at categories that use bamboo, beddings, clothing and flooring are most popular ones. Bedsheets and duvets, in particular, are considered to be great in terms of value. From bamboo pillowcases to more special products, some brands have some amazing options for different budgets. Wondering why you should go for bed sheets made of bamboo fiber? Well, even a generic 300-thread count fabric better than 1500-thread count cotton. In fact, it feels almost same as silk. Also, you can go for duvet covers, which are subtle at best and are completely reversible. Bamboo sheets and other bedding products keep dust mites and bacteria away, which is another reason to go for these products.

Buying bamboo products online

There are selected brands that deal in all sorts of products that we mentioned, besides bamboo towels and clothing. Before you buy, check all the product details and make sure that the fabric is coming from sustainable harvesting. In case of online stores, make sure that the products are returnable and exchangeable at the very least. It is also a good idea to consider the pricing, and while bamboo fabrics don’t cost a fortune, you should agree to pay that tad extra, considering that it’s better the cotton and lasts much longer.

Final word

For those who are looking for sustainable fashion, bamboo is the choice to go for. In years to come, you can only expect to find more big brands that will deal with selected products, and for every product that sells, we are taking a step behind fast fashion and that matters.

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