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Decorating with hardwood floors

Decorating with hardwood floors

Beautiful plank hardwood floors complement any decorating style and is a popular type of flooring among homeowners. If you are looking to change your floors check out Junckers’ plank flooring to add a luxurious and distinctive look to your home.

Wood plank floors for every room

Hardwood flooring has been used for hundreds of years and for good reason. This type of flooring will provide great warmth to your home and function as the perfect backdrop when decorating. Hardwood floors will fit right in in living rooms, kitchens bedrooms and more. If given the option and budget, opt to choose the same wood flooring throughout your home – this is ideal especially if your house has an open floor plan. Hardwood floors look great in large spaces, and continuing the same type of flooring throughout your home will add a clean, continuous appearance.

Advantages of wood flooring

The benefits of hardwood flooring are many. Since wood is easy in maintenance, it is a great choice for your living spaces. Especially if you choose a type of wood that can be sealed with a durable finish, this will protect your floors from occasional spilling, water splashes, and dirt, since, these types of messes are easily mopped or sweep away. Hardwood floors are a sustainable solution and will remain beautiful for years.

Soften with rugs

Hardwood plank floors are beautiful and rustic, but lack the cosy and soft look of carpet. You can complement your wood floors with rugs to bring back some of the softness to your space. Adding area rugs to your décor is also a great way to create smaller intimate spaces within your open floorplan.

Mix do not match

Forget any notion you may have that mixing different types of woods is a no-go. There are many types of woods; pine, mahogany, and ash just to name a few. Some types of woods are used for flooring while others are more suitable for furniture. Each type comes with its own characteristics when it comes to colour, texture, and grain. A modern approach to interior design purposely blends different types of woods for a casual style.

Style choice

Just because your hardwood floors are made from natural material, and have a rustic appearance you should not mistakenly think that the rest of the décor needs to play off that vibe. Wooden floors can add drama to your home and work well as a juxtaposition with light colours, and sleek modern elements. So there are multiple ways to incorporate wood plank floors in your décor that goes beyond the rustic cabin-look. If you like an industrial décor style, plank wood floors are a great way to soften up the hard feel, as it adds warmth.

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