Friday 14 June 2024
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Common Hot Water Heater Repair Jobs, And Tips For Fixing Them!

Common Hot Water Heater Repair Jobs, And Tips For Fixing Them!

There’s no denying that your home’s hot water heater is likely the workhorse of everything that happens throughout your property. Whether it’s showering, laundry, dishwashing or even lawn/garden care, your water heater is important when it comes to ensuring the overall functionality of your household.

This is why it can be so troubling when you need a hot water heater repair, because it seems like your entire life shuts down without this vital appliance. The truth is that water heaters experience issues all the time, but there are always plumbing professionals in your local area that can support you when these issues arise.

We’ve teamed up with the Beehive Plumbing experts to develop this article list oriented around the most common types of residential water heater repair warning signs, because being on the lookout for certain red flags can help you be more proactive towards getting things fixed and saving you a ton of cash!

Below are the hot water heater repair warning signs that you should know about:

Little/No Hot Water

This is always a troubling scenario that homeowners come across with their aging water heating systems, and it often means that your unit’s heating element has started to malfunction or needs to be replaced.

Having little to no hot water on a regular basis also could be due to a faulty thermostat or an incorrect thermostat setting as well. It’s also possible that your unit’s circuit breaker has been tripped, or that you’re experiencing any other kind of power interruption like a blown fuse.

Although this type of issue may seem pretty drastic and need to be addressed as quickly as possible, it’s important to remember that you shouldn’t try to do DIY water heater repairs if the issue is anything more than flipping a few switches!

Your Home’s Water Supply Has A Rust Color To It

This type of water issue is actually a lot more common than most people would assume, and it typically is caused by issues relating to water heater repairs.

It’s possible that your home’s water supply has a rusty color to it due to your unit’s sacrificial anode rod failing. This is a common culprit for this hot water heater repair because when this anode rod fails, it causes the inner parts of the tank to rust.

Many other types of water heater tanks also just so happen to experience corrosion every now and again, and this type of issue is very serious for a variety of reasons. You’ll need to have your corroded water heater checked out by a professional in order to avoid imminent ruptures or leaks, and some corrosion cases simply require a water heater replacement.

Water Leaks & Pools 

This could be due to faulty plumbing connections, leaking heating elements, excessive tank corrosion or faulty valves. As troubling as leaks are when it comes to water heaters, it’s important to remember that some experts will be able to repair the leak in rare cases.

Water Isn’t Hot Or Efficient Enough

This type of repair job is typically caused by crossed plumbing lines, which is a common mistake within improper installation jobs. It could also be possible that your water heater system simply isn’t large enough to meet your household’s daily needs, or that you have a faulty heating element or dip tube.

No matter what, if your water heater isn’t cutting for your demands, it’s time to call in the pros to check things out!

Foul Odors

This type of water heater issue is typically caused by bacteria and sediment buildup. As bacteria dies and decays within your tank, it can create that sulfur-like smell of rotten eggs that is simply unbearable!

Popping, Rumbling, or High-Pitched Noises

These abnormal sounds are common issues with hot water heaters, and they’re typically connected to heating element issues or excessive sediment buildup.

Contact Your Local Hot Water Heater Repair Experts When You’re Experiencing Issues!

There’s a lot that people need to keep an eye out for when it comes to the integrity of their water heaters, but knowing the common hot water heater repair warning signs will give you a leg up on protecting your valuable appliance and potentially saving your thousands of dollars!

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