Wednesday 29 November 2023
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6 Top Garden Features

6 Top Garden Features

Obviously, it is entirely up to you exactly how you design your garden and what features you decide to install, and if you are someone who has a clear creative vision of how you want your outdoor space to look aesthetically, then you are fortunate.

If, however, you want to redesign or even simply update your garden, then it can sometimes be more than a little bamboozling when it comes to perusing the plethora of different options available.

With this in mind, continue reading to discover six top garden features for you to consider and choose from.

  1. Raised Flower Beds

If you have a smaller outdoor space, or else a garden that is already full of different focal points and areas, then adding one or more raised flower beds is a fantastic way of saving space.

Raised flower beds not only add height to a garden, but are also a great way to safely and effectively grow vegetables and fruit as well as flowers, and if you have young children who you would like to encourage to get into gardening and growing food, then raised flower beds are the ideal choice.

  1. Garden Ponds

There can be no better addition to any garden, regardless of shape or size, than a beautiful garden pond, and the absolute beauty is that they are much easier to install than you probably think.

The best thing to do if you have decided you would like to add a pond is to contact a reputable and renowned national supplier with years of expertise and look into Oase Living Water for beautiful and affordable garden ponds and accessories.

  1. Fire Pits

For people who enjoy sitting outside in their garden regardless of the temperature, perhaps the best garden feature of all for you to invest in is a fire pit.

Not only will your new fire pit serve to warm yourself and the area in and around your patio, it will also double as a focal point when you have guests around to your home, where you can even toast marshmallows and treat the fire pit as a campfire to sing songs and tell stories around.

  1. Outside Bar

One of the trendiest additions to your back garden is that of an outside bar, which you are free to design as flamboyantly and ostentatiously or as laidback and relaxed as suits you and the other members of the family.

Cocktail tables that fold down can act as a temporary seating area for your guests, and the installation of a wooden and waterproof cabinet can conceal optics for your spirits and mixers and a space to safely store clean glasses.

  1. Garden Statues

If you enjoy a more relaxed, peaceful and tranquil outside space, then perhaps you would be more interested in purchasing one or more tasteful garden statues for your garden, in the style of a cherub or one which takes inspiration from classic and renowned individuals.

Alternatively, if, for example, you are a self-confessed rabbit lover, then you could even theme smaller statues in and around your flower beds and plant pots instead.

  1. Freestanding Bird House

For wildlife lovers, the addition of an attractive wooden freestanding birdhouse is an absolute no-brainer.

Invest in a bumper book of birds and research what different types of seeds and pieces of fruit attract different species of birds to start to create a welcoming and even permanent home for a myriad of birds.

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