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5 Tips for Finding the Best Water Filtration Systems in the US

5 Tips for Finding the Best Water Filtration Systems in the US

Living in Flint, Pittsburg, Fresno, Houston, and other cities across the US means that you certainly cope with everyday drinking water needs. The problem in the US is so great that the authorities have no solution to this problem.

Hundreds of billions of dollars are needed for solving it. In other words, nothing’s going to happen any time soon. Everyone should find a solution on their own. That solution, without a doubt, is called drinking filtered water from some of the many filtration systems available on the market.

In this article, we’re going to share 5 tips on finding the best systems out there. If you’re struggling with this problem, follow up to see what needs to be done!

1. Whole house or pitcher?

When you’re about to invest your money in a filtration system, it’s good to know if you need something bigger or something that will do the job easier. In other words, you need to know if you need a whole house system or a pitcher.

The pitcher is an item that holds enough for a daily need. It filtrates inside and you can use it whenever you need it until it is completely gone.

On the other hand, the whole house system is a big complex filter that is mounted on the main pipe coming inside the home from the outside mains. It is filtrating everything that goes through it. All viruses, bacteria, minerals, toxins, heavy metals, and dirt are going to be taken off and the water you get will be perfectly clean and safe for both drinking and washing.

2. Do you prefer a POU filter?

POU stands for Point of Use and it usually means installing special faucets that come with a purifier that does the same as the previous one that we mentioned, just on a lower scale.

Whenever you need a glass to drink, you can turn on the faucet and get yourself a glass. The purifier inside does all the job and no need for additional action is needed. After a few years, you’ll just remove the filter and install a new one.

3. Choose wisely the type

There are lots of different filtration for both whole house and localized systems. There’s no need to have them all in your house. Some are needed for one purpose and others for something else. Most of the houses cope with heavy metals and chemicals that can seriously harm people’s health. See more on the ingredients here.

Others are simply for ingredients that can be annoying or dangerous for the appliances. For example, some parts of the world have really hard water which is full of minerals that create build-up and scale. This is not dangerous for human health but it can cause some serious problems for the appliances.

When build-up happens, you’ll need to replace the affected items. The faucets might lower the flow and the pressure will become greater inside the pipes, which eventually will result in a leakage. Electric home appliances that are using water will burn out and you’ll also need to buy new ones. Spending so much money is not an option if you have the proper type of filtration.

4. Invest in time and save

As we said, consider installing a purification system as a part of the investment in health and money. These days, health is also money because the hospital services cost a ton of money.

What it means is that you should look on the internet what is the best option at the moment. The prices and the model are changing rapidly. New models are coming out and the old ones get better prices. You should know what your budget is and get what you think it’s best for you.

With it, you’ll save money on burned down appliances, your health, and spending a ton of money on bottled water too. See more about your health considering this on the link:

5. Choose a great company to do the installing

It’s important who’s going to install the new filtration system in your home if you choose a whole house option. The pitchers are simple, you don’t have to do anything. You can use them straight out of the store. Just fill them up, wait for the time written on the case, and then you’re good to go.

The whole house filters are different. They need to be placed on the main line that provides the whole house with clean water. That’s why a proper company that is experienced and skilled is needed.

Always choose the best ones. Cutting down the line, putting the filter inside, and getting back everything, as usual, is not an easy thing to do. You can’t do it alone, because it’s too dangerous. Call the pros and make sure everything’s done great.

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